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Dec 21, 2021 (Last modified Jan 27, 2023)
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One of the powers of the Blueprint is that anyone can use it any time for their particular needs. For a vast majority of the times that people use the Atlas, we have no idea what they used if for. But to give you a feel for some of the things people use the atlas for, and to showcase their work, we invited several people to share their example atlas usage.

Here is a small collection of the examples. we encourage you to share with us your example, and we can share it here. Just send a message to SB Atlas Admin, info@sbcblueprint.net with the proposed page title, a short description, urls of several related Data Basin items (e.g. layers you used or maps you made), and optionally, any tags you want to associate with the page.

SB Atlas Admin. 2021. Example Atlas Usages. In: Data Basin. [First published in Data Basin on Dec 21, 2021; Last Modified on Jan 27, 2023; Retrieved on Sep 30, 2023] <https://databasin.org/articles/fb9dabca86f646a097897d97160b0cfc/>

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