Santa Barbara County Assessor Parcels

Jun 11, 2020

This layer is a representation of the Santa Barbara County Assessor Parcel maps created for tax assessment purposes only. This layer was originally built in the late 1990's by digitizing Assessor map pages and first rubbersheeting to Assessor book indexes that were COGOed for this project and those indexes to USGS Quadrangle maps and County Flood Control topo maps. In 1998, the Assessor purchased a GPS road centerline to acquire better positional accuracy and the full parcel layer was adjusted. In 2000 the County aquired its first full county digital orthoimagery, which inabled a better ortho rectified control in many areas to improve the accuracy of the Basemap. Overtime, the spatial accuracy of this layer has improved significantly by COGOing entire Assessor Parcel Map pages and new subdivisions then rubbersheeting to those pages. When geodetic control first started showing up on recorded subdivision maps, we were able to start placing COGOed parcels to their exact location. As countywide orthoimagery gets more acurate and the number of Record of Survey and subdivision maps record with geodetic control increases, the greater the positional accuracy of the parcels on this layer will increase.

Parcel polygon attributes have been updated to include Assessor property characteristics as well.

  • This is an incremental working update for the assessor's parcels as of April 22, 2020. This is not the final closed roll for assessor parcels for 2020.

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