Fire Portal and Regional Priority Planning Project

Jul 9, 2020 (Last modified Nov 24, 2020)
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Purpose and Description


There are a multitude of agencies in SB County involved in fire management, and each has their own subset of relevant GIS data. They would all benefit from having the sum of all these data layers available to them, but this takes time to gather. The vision of this Fire Portal is to provide a data sharing hub, so people can share their data, view and interact with it and other people's data online, and download other data to their local systems.


This portal has been developed in partnership with one of the Blueprint's Flagship Projects, the Cachuma Resource Conservation District's Regional Priority Plan (RPP) project. This is funded through the California Coastal Conservancy with the goal of fostering partnerships and projects to reduce wildfire risk and improve forest health in Santa Barbara County. This portal aims to help meet this goal by fulfilling the above Vision and also gathering data that will be synthesized in the RPP's spatial decision support system (SDSS) for helping prioritize projects.


Under the "Explore related items..." section you'll find maps on Santa Barbara County's:

  • Fire History Time Series
  • Fire Treatment Boundaries
  • Wildland Urban Interface Boundaries
  • Building Footprints
  • Fire Risk Model Outputs

Each of these maps has a variety of data layers you can interact with. When you open these maps please pay close attention to the data layers that you can click on in the left tab. Keep in mind that each of these maps has a small subset of data layers that are available for fire resources. The full list of data layers for this theme can be found within the Fire in Santa Barbara Gallery, which we welcome you to explore. We will continue to add layers to this gallery as we receive them.

Contact and Sharing Data

If you have data layers to share please reach out and let us know so we can add them to the data sets here. Or you can notify us to gain "uploading" status, and then upload data directly. If you’d like to provide interpretative information, please let us know as well. If you are interested in collaboration please or to share a project idea fill out this form.

For more information about the RPP and/or to engage, please contact Christina McGinnis ( of the RPP team. For more information about this project please see this document.

Photo Credit: Mike Eliason/Santa Barbara County Fire Dep

SB Atlas Admin. 2020. Fire Portal and Regional Priority Planning Project. In: Data Basin. [First published in Data Basin on Jul 9, 2020; Last Modified on Nov 24, 2020; Retrieved on Apr 18, 2021] <>

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