General Resources of Santa Barbara County

Sep 1, 2016 (Last modified Oct 16, 2018)
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General Resources

This guide and case study houses maps to orientate you to general information on Santa Barbara County and can be used as a stepping stone to explore key datasets on our regions resources. Under the explore related items section you'll find maps on Santa Barbara County's:

  • Land Use Change over Time
  • Topographic Features
  • Legal Districts and Boundaries (Coming Soon)
  • Infrastructure and Built Up Lands (Coming Soon)

Each of these maps has a variety of data layers you can interact with. When you open these maps please pay close attention to the data layers that you can click on in the left tab. Keep in mind that each of these maps house has a small subset of data layers that are available as part of general resources. The full list of data layers housed in this guide and case study can be found within the General Resources of Santa Barbara County Gallery, which we welcome you to explore.

SB Atlas Admin. 2016. General Resources of Santa Barbara County. In: Data Basin. [First published in Data Basin on Sep 1, 2016; Last Modified on Oct 16, 2018; Retrieved on Aug 12, 2022] <>

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